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Ban burning in back yard: Plattsburgh (NY) Press Republican, Sept. 18, 2003.

"The state is being asked to take up the urgent prohibition of backyard burning of garbage in barrels. The consequences of doing nothing to address the problem are severe."

Ban Backyard Trash Burning: The Journal, Ogdensburg, NY. Jan. 23, 2002.

It's time to toss out burn barrels: The Daily Star, Cooperstown NY, Feb. 4, 2000. Online version at The Daily Star.

"Maybe decades ago when populations were thinner and trash less toxic it was a tolerable way to dispose of household waste. But those days are gone."

State must ban burn barrels: The Daily Star, Cooperstown NY, Oct. 11, 2000.

"It's time state environmental regulators get real about the effects of burn barrels by banning them altogether ...."

Trash barrel issue won't stop burning: The Daily Star, Cooperstown NY, Jan. 19, 2001.

"If government is not going to restrict manufacturers from packaging their products in the kinds of materials we deem 'obnoxious' or even toxic, then we'd better figure out real soon how we can safely recycle or dispose of all those varieties of paper and plastic. The answer isn't to burn the wrappings in the barrel in the backyard."



Burn Barrel Commentary aired on North Country Public Radio, WSLU FM, Canton NY, June 14, 2002.


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