Ogdensburg NY Advance News letter to Editor critical of DEC restrictions on open burning

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Advance News, Ogdensburg NY 6/2/02 p. 4-A Opinions

Burn Barrels

To The Editor:

I am writing this letter because I am troubled over the recent reporting in your newspaper regarding the rules of residential burn barrels and burning leaves. I recall it was about a month ago you reported that a vote had been taken by some agency that had the effect of allowing continued use of burn barrels. I was relieved to see that finally a hand full of environmentalists trying to force their personal agenda on the majority of residents in the North Country had been defeated. My wife and I grew up in the Waddington area. In addition to helping control the cost of trash disposal, burn barrels and burning leaves have been a big part of the fond memories of growing up in rural upstate New York.

This week your newspaper reported that Waddington residents could no longer use burn barrels and cannot burn leaves. Apparently, the village was burning trash as a service to local residents and some nonresident drove by, didn't like it, and turned the village into DEC. As a result, Waddington now faces a stiff fine and residents are made aware of a DEC rule that has been in effect for a long time. I e-mailed DEC this week informing them of my concern over such a foolish regulation. It turns out that all villages are bound by this same rule. Not just Waddington, but all villages. Additionally, all townships with populations in excess of 20,000 also fall under Part 215, which regulates the burning of rubbish.

I think Part 215 is rubbish. You should make everyone aware of this foolish regulation that prohibits these kinds of activities that makes life in the North Country so enjoyable. Let the readers of your newspaper know that all villages, not just Waddington, are bound by this rule. Knowing such regulations are there may encourage enough people to mount a program that will over turn such regulations and give some basic freedoms back to tax paying citizens.

Ken Ashley



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