Find your Senator: zip code lookup, NY district maps, and contact info smoking burn barrel link to homepage

Zip code lookup: go to NY Senate home page (the only linkable page on Senate web site) > click on "Senators" > click on "Senate Lookup by Zip Code". If your zip code is fully contained in one district you can then click on that Senator's link and get their contact phone numbers and addresses. If your zip code is in more than one district you may have to view the district maps or call the Senators to determine whose district you are in.

NY Senate district maps: go to NY Senate home page > click on "Reapportionment Website" > click on "Maps" > click on "Current Senate" > choose "Statewide", "New York City", "Long Island", or one of the 61 district numbers. You will then download a pdf file map showing district boundaries along with county boundaries – and for the detailed maps – town boundaries. For NYC districts this may still not be sufficient to determine your district. Call your possible Senator to determine if your are in their district.

NY Senate district maps direct downloads: Direct download of pdf maps for select districts from website:

State Map (pdf 272kb)

New York City Map (pdf 164kb)

Long Island Map (pdf 136kb)

Senator James W. Wright, 46th District: Northwestern St. Lawrence County (including Canton and Gouverneur), Jefferson, and Oswego Counties. (pdf 268kb)

Senator Raymond A. Meier, 47th District: Southeast St. Lawrence County (including Massena, Potsdam), Lewis, Herkimer, & Oneida Counties. (pdf 320kb)

Senator Ronald B. Stafford, 45th District: follows these county lines exactly: Franklin, Clinton, Essex, Hamilton, Warren, and Washington Counties.

Senator James L. Seward, 50th District: Otsego, Schohare, Cortland and parts of Herkimer, Chenango, and Tompkins Counties. (pdf 336kb)

Senator Joseph L. Bruno, Majority Leader of Senate, 43rd District: Rensselaer and parts of Saratoga County.


Clickable versions of the below district maps can be reached through the NY Senate Home Page > click on "Senators" > click on "Statewide Map". Clicking on districts will bring you to that Senator's biography page which includes their phone and address contact information.

NY Senate District map thumbnail

New York Senate District boundaries

NYC Senate District map thumbnail LI Senate District map thumbnail

New York City and Long Island Senate District boundaries