Dioxin 2004 Conference Papers

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The Dioxin 2004 Conference is the first of this 25 year old annual conference to post all the papers on the internet. Search all the papers with Google and include the term "dioxin 2004".

BurnBarrel.org is also offering the complete collection of papers, plus summaries by session chairpeople as a single downloadable file.

Download in .sit format here: Diox2004.sit (63mb)


Download in .zip format here: Diox2004.zip (63mb)

(NOTE: These compressed files are 63mb in size and contain over 700 individual files. It will only be downloadable in a reasonable time if you have a high speed connection. You will also need a decompression program to un-compress the file. Go to StuffIt Expander to download a free utility if you don't already have this capability.)

All papers are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. An index is included in the download that is accessible using the "search" command in Acrobat. Open any paper and use select "search". This will quickly allow searching every word of all the papers.